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Breakfast Club // Gotcha.

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I got to visit Keri the other day. 
In rough shape, but he looks like he'll be getting better. =]
I'm glad he's okay.

Aaaand, I also learned this stupid head game today. =D

A cook directed a waitress, a foreigner lacking in English, where she needed to put spaces between the words 'ham and eggs' when one of the customers put in an order. Yet, when he got it back, he got: 'ham and and and and and eggs'. How so?

I spent an hour on that bitch. ]=< 
I felt like an idiot when I figured it out because, really? It wasn't all that hard.
It's hard to explain though, so don't blame me if you end up confused. =P

P.S.- Mal, you need to get out of the ICU soon and come baaaaack. D:
Kiki will not leave me alone. She keeps getting into the clothes drawers and she won't stop getting up behind the television set. And she's already torn one of my good shirts. D<

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Breakfast Club // Gotcha.


Mal's been wanting a cat for...well, forever really.
One of those little orange ones.

And, y'know, since he's being let out of the ICU next week and I'm kinda the reason he was there I figured a kitten might be something small and nice to get him. =D

I'm not much of a cat person, but she's cute. Yupyupyup.
And Ralph likes her so, I suppose it's all good then. 8DDD

And since pets aren't allowed in the infirmary and all that jazz, Mal, you'll have to wait until you get out. :\
She likes the garden a lot which is especially nice because I know you do too *cough*HIPPIE*cough*
Breakfast Club // Gotcha.

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I'm getting M A R R I E D.
I'll CONSIDER wearing a dress. Don't push it. 

Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming. 8D

Breakfast Club // Gotcha.

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Slash is gone.
Despite the kind of trouble him and I caused, I'll miss him. I really will. <3
I'll look you up when I get out man, I promise.

Malcolm's okay.
Not great, but he's stable. That's something to be happy about, I suppose...

I hate being upset. I miss making happy journals. D:

Perhaps a meme then? =]
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