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Breakfast Club // Gotcha.





There really aren't enough words, and I doubt some of them exist, to describe all of this. :\
I'm rather disappointed by the fact middle school drama took a toll on a place like this.
And that people actually went along with it. 

I'd laugh on a better day, but seeing as this is not the time, gotta be ALL SRS >:[ 

Gotta tell ya, it's kinda pathetic. By an obtuse degree.
I see fucking five year olds at the day care center I work at with better handling and maturity than all this.


This is a community to role-play, to have fun. It's simple; to interact as someone else, to sculpt them how you see fit and play them with other characters with people who've done the same. It's not that hard. And you get the added bonus of making them crazy-fucking-nuts here. =D

It's pretend. 
It's fake.
It doesn't exist.
It doesn't happen IRL.
But it's fun as hell.
And cheers to the people who enjoy it and stay here despite all the dramallameness that rocked this place in less than twelve hours. 

I couldn't leave this place even if I tried. <___< RD = <3

Oh, and:


I want to fit in too.


a piano on to a box of kittens.

Best thing I've seen all day. XD

P.S. 80's classic metal kicks the ass of most of those pop-sparkle-dance-dance shits I see today anyway. 8D