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Breathing; It's easy...

Except when I'm around you.

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Angus Young
31 March 1900
[[For rainydayrp uses only.]]

Angus Young

~suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and depression~

Angus was abused and beaten for many years of his life by his father, William, first starting with witnessing the rape of his mother. From that moment on, to hide away from the brutal reality, Angus developed a sanctuary amongst the "other people" (Nathaniel, Jason, William, Patrick, Malcolm, David, and Charlotte) who relieved him of the day to day beatings and stress, and soon life in general as he grew older. During a wild affair with a friend, everything snapped in a rage and he was soon admitted to the RainyDay Mental Facility in hopes to regain what little composure and sanity he has left. He doesn't feel as though he should be taking part in this, and isn't too happy...

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