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Well, it seems after everything that's gone down, (No, not pointing fingers at Jack, whatever gave you that idea? >8U) my brother George back home isn't fancying the idea of me here anymore and least to say, he's put in a transfer, him and my sister and my oldest brother Alex. I guess it pays off to be the youngest sometimes. :'D Still, out of nine. You can't believe the hell. I'll miss this place and hey, maybe I'll catch some of you on the outside if we ever manage to fit society's list, yeah? 

[[In simpler terms, I'm dropping Angus Young as well as Ringo Starr. No, I will not assault your flists with anything outrageously dumb about the mods or any such else. RDRP was my first role play site and not to mention, it was the first time I ever role played -lolrpvirgin- Hazel stole that. xDDD; And I made a horrible fool of myself. -____-; I had never role played before so I really had no idea what I was doing and with Hazel's help (Sorry for that beginning RP; you stole my RP virginity -shot-) and least to say, I was embarrassed and nervous...

And hell, look at me now, I've got at least four other  RP comms that I've taken part of because I enjoy it so much. I had so much fun at RDRP and the friends I met -- wow. E_________E I love all of you people. From every crazy moment of setting of the water systems and putting out the power to being "punk'd" via another member to every last story line I was a part of. I couldn't have chosen a better place to start. Really? Thank you. <3

That being said, I'm going to be heading out. Both Angus Young and Ringo Starr are open for psl's (You can catch me at emerald5beauty =] ). I'll miss you guys, but it's time I go. ~ Near a year (would've been this coming May; you guys were like my birthday present xD) And Eddie-S (Eliiiiina. Wifeyyyyy #1456876743902), when you get the time, I'd love to talk; I've got something I'd like to share and talk to you about and this doesn't mean I won't RP with because WE'RE TOO EPIC TO GIVE THAT UP. >8U

Again, thanks for all the great times and the fun. It was well worth it. C: ]]

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