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Mmmm, it's a lot quieter in here. There seems to be a gallant amount of missing people. >__________> 
Well, it seems like none of my friends are gone though, so, fine by me. ='D

[[ ooc; As much as I enjoyed Sands-S's whoa, lots of s's in that one OMG PIANO ---> *DROP* ---> KITTENS post the last time we had all this dramallama!tiemz, I think Sweeney-S stole the show this time:

Is the first week of January Global 'Cry Me a God Damn Fucking River' week or something? 

Srsly. I lol'd so hard. ;___; Thanks, I was in school when I read that and I got some strange looks from people when I started giggling, but I needed that. <3

And not pointing fingers at less innocent ones with proper reasonings for dropping their characters, but to the others with all their bullshit? What the hell? Come on, people. It's a role play community, play. Grow up. It's a fucking game. Recognize this, learn some maturity, and for Christ's sake just have fun. Isn't that what RPing is supposed to be all about? 

Oh, btw, ilu "Gotham clique". You and all your havoc-wreaking. <3

Alright. Enough bitching from me. Back to IC. *gets off soap box >___>; * ]]

Tags: get me my god damn soap box, ooc, wait it's okay my friends are still here

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